Hi, thanks for clicking my face! I don't know what this page is but at the very least you'll find things I enjoy, and moments that have stuck with me.

This part of the site is a little personal, so thank you for checking it out, whoever you are. If you have any ideas for this page I'd love to hear them.

Movies I saw in theaters this year:

Weathering With You

Books I read or listened to this year:

I, Robot; Isaac Asimov

Science in the Soul, Richard Dawkins

Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Stephen Hawking

The last songs I had stuck in my head were:

Young, Vallis Alps

Party In The Dark, Mogwai

Here's some music that's always been there for me; they receive highlights.

Explosions in the Sky

Orka Veer
Aphex Twin
Kashiwa Daisuke

Mini-Blog / Personal notes (not worth reading)


The last month...maybe.


Spring break is coronavirus week... no pool days :(


I feel good this week but don't know how to continue.


Exhausting weekend, but today is the best in weeks.


Lots of homework today. It helped me.


Today was my last day at New Tampa. I liked it there.

Sunday night, 2/16/2020

This weekend was very hard for me.