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About me

I'm looking for a job!

Below is an older, redacted version of my resume that I used for my first NASA application. I made it to at least the hiring manager's desk, but unfortunately was not the chosen one. Here is a more recent version if you're interested.

If you're reading this then you can't see my resume. You're probably using a mobile browser. It'll show on a normal computer, but you can skip it. It's not special.

Photo of Me

Thanks for visiting my website. This space is a semi-professional, statically located public display written by and about myself. It is an ongoing project and not particularly serious. I'll talk about its conception here but you can skip it.. it's not important.

It started as a way for me to practice using Unix systems and Amazon Web Services. At first my goal was to learn AWS to run some Python code for my Astrophysics classes. Eventually I strolled through a free course on HTML and CSS. I wrote a basic page and set it up on AWS -- rebuilt it a few times, etc. Nowadays it's hosted on GitHub. The current iterations use templates from W3C. I figured I could learn more by going through experts' code than by writing mine, poorly, from scratch. Anyways here it is. I edit it all the time and often completely rebuild it. Check back another time if you'd like.

Some skills:

Picking up new skills


Sticking with them


Rating my skills

Pets given a home
Plants not killed
Lines of math
Original lines of code

Here are some projects and/or current interests of mine.
Some things I'm working on

Textbook on General Relativity
Spanish using Duolingo


Please don't actually contact

*Note excludes job offerers

Below is a map of Central-South Florida. It's where I grew up and currently live. It's hot, but I don't plan on leaving any time soon. That's not important anyway. What's more relevant are the links to my social media accounts which are below the map, at the bottom of this webpage. There you'll find a nearly empty GitHub profile, a barren Twitter account, and a Snapchat QR code which is useless if you have my phone number or email.

Map of Central-South Florida

...well, thanks for checking out my website. I think that's all I have for now. If you're here to consider paying me to work for you then please reach out. Happy trails partner